Why I Decided to Become a Color Street Stylist

May 19

Why I Decided to Become a Color Street Stylist

It’s been a wild and interesting ride the last couple of years. Before I jump in to exactly why I have become a Color Street Stylist – I need to give a bit of backstory of what life has been like in recent months.

I’ll never forget one particular moment.

In late October of 2017, Randy and I were out in California photographing a wedding. The wedding had been booked with us for 18 months, we absolutely loved the couple and the venue and all the vendors we were getting to work with. We were staying with my parents, it was a beautiful weekend in Palm Springs, and Randy and I were getting some time together.

We had just gotten finished with the getting ready portion of the wedding day and were driving from the hotel to this incredible church – one I had grown up driving by and had never gone inside and had always wanted to – when my phone rang.

It was our nanny, Cheyenne.

On the other end? Our 7 year old son. Hysterical. On speaker phone.

Ashley Durham

Why aren’t you here? We lost, and you’re not here. Come home! Why can’t you come home? Why aren’t you here?

Randy and I sat in the car, listening to Noah go back and forth between sobs, begging us to come home, being so angry that we weren’t there, and trying to tell us about the most important game of his little life that we had missed. And one that he had lost.

When we hung up with Noah, it was right there and then that my journey as a wedding photographer began to come to an end.

Fast forward to last December, when we found out my brother in law, Ricky, has terminal brain cancer.

And it snapped for me, it snapped for Randy and we realized: something needed to change. Even with all the success we had – it wasn’t working for us anymore.

Last summer, my friend and longtime client Heather introduced me to these crazy little nail things that she was selling from home. At first, I didn’t get it – what are they? What do you mean they’re dry nail polish? Wait – what do you mean you’re actually making money and not spending every waking moment serving people and missing out on important family time?

Why I Decided to Become a Color Street Stylist

I’ve been mulling the decision to become a Color Street Stylist ever since then, but given my past experience with Scentsy back in 2017 – I knew I couldn’t do wedding photography and another business. I started doing business coaching with Rachel Hollis in January and something she reiterates over and over is that you can’t do two things GREAT at the same time.

Color Street Facebook Cover

Over the last four months, I’d been getting closer and closer to announcing my retirement from wedding photography but I knew I’d have to do SOMETHING with my time. I wanted to do something that would allow me to use my love of photography, allow me to connect with other women entrepreneurs and encourage me to take charge of my self care … while also providing income for my family and more importantly: TIME with my family.

the Durham Zoo

So this week, I made it official and decided to become a Color Street Stylist and it’s been incredible. Randy told me he hasn’t seen me this excited about something in years and he’s totally right! I’m stoked, y’all.

Kingsland Georgia Color Street Stylist

I’ll be working on my first styled shoot this week and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to! Stay tuned!!

In the meanwhile, if you’d like a FREE sample or more information about hosting a party or how to become a Color Street stylist too – hit the link below!

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