Why I Switched My Hair Products to Monat

Mar 1

Why I Switched My Hair Products to Monat

With everything going on my life over the last 18 months, my body has gone through the ringer. When you have thyroid issues, it effects your skin, hair and nails; suddenly I found myself with peely nails, ultra dry skin, and my hair was falling out by the fistful.

Why I Switched My Hair Products to Monat

It was really terrible.

A couple of years ago, I started using Color Street for the health of my nails and I’ve sen a drastic improvement. My nails have gotten stronger and.are to actually grow longer than little stubs. The peeling issue has all but disappeared, too. That is the difference when I started using high quality products on my nails. So, I thought: man, what if I started using better quality hair products, too?

You see, I’ve always been on a budget. I couldn’t justify the cost of quality hair care products because I always had my hair up in a messy bun anyway – so why bother? I had several friends using this product called Monat and I saw their hair getting and better all while mine went from bad to worse.

Suddenly, my messy bun turned into a messy … fro melt. My hair mass was diminished to the point where I could use those small little girl rubber bands and wrap it around twice. My hair looked and felt awful – frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. Not to mention, the chemicals and crap I was putting on my scalp from cheap hair products probably was not helping.

So last year, I bought my first order from Monat. I got the Effortless Styling System, which was a smoothing and conditioning shampoo and conditioner, as well as a blow out cream that I would put on after I got out of the shower. I also got Rejuvenique oil for my scalp and for the ends of my hair.

Monat: Before And After

Within only a couple of months, my hair went from the left to the right. And, that includes me bleaching my hair to get rid of the orange-red mess I had going on!

monat before and after

I’ve consistently been using Monat for nearly a year, and my hair has gotten thicker, healthier, smoother, more manageable and for the first time in my life, I’m getting compliments on my hair.

Without a doubt: Monat has worked a miracle on my hair.

For the first time in my life, I’m able to decide how I want to wear my hair. It can be straight OR curly! I don’t to be that Wolverine-esque half-fro anymore!

straight hair with monat products

My hair can now easily go from straight to curly, without any issues. My hair doesn’t frizz out when I straighten it, it has a healthy shine and bounce to it.

When I plan to wear my hair straight, I use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner and I’ll protect my hair from the heat of my straightener with the thermal protectant spray.

Alternatively, when I want to wear my hair curly – I have a couple of options. I can put on some curl defining cream on it when I get out of the shower and I can just let it air dry for my natural beach waves.

Or! I can curl it with a curling iron (using the thermal protectant of course) and guess what? My curls STAY all day long!!! Long gone are the days of curling my hair and praying it would last an hour before falling. I’ll top it off with a little bit of hairspray and I’m done!

curly hair with monat

Why I Switched My Hair Products to Monat

Over the last year, I’ve read a lot of research on why Monat has been such an incredible change for my hair. Monat is very transparent about what they put in their products, and given my current cancer battleI am ALL for saying NO to toxic ingredients.

why i changed my hair care to monat

Add in the fact that Monat is 100% vegan – both in ingredients and in testing. Now, I can’t imagine using a different line for my hair care.

I’ve even got Randy using Monat for his hair and beard, as well as my kids. I don’t want any toxic crap going in or on our bodies, and using Monat is just part of my plan to have our family be as clean as possible.

If you’ve got questions about what Monat products are best for you (because everyone’s hair needs are different), you can start by taking the Beauty Quiz online. Once you do, I’ll reach out to you to chat one-on-one and answer any questions you have!