Why I’m Never Working for an MLM Again (But Support Those That Do!)

Feb 2

Why I’m Never Working for an MLM Again (But Support Those That Do!)

Over the years, I have been part of a few MLM style companies – Scentsy, Crunchi Cosmetics, Monat and Color Street. For the most part, it’s been a really positive experience and I’m proud of the work (and income) I made during my time with each company. I still support each of these companies with the exception of Monat*, and the products they create. So long as they are in business, I will continue to use their products (again, expect for Monat*). So, you might be wondering why I’m never working for an MLM again.

Why I’m Never Working For An MLM Again

First, let’s do a bit of education. What exactly is an MLM? MLM stands for multi-level marketing, meaning that there is sort of a pyramid shape of partners, or tiers. The base level is filled to the brim with eager beavers, chomping at the bits to get to the next level within the company. The base level gets paid next to nothing, and works their butts off to rank higher in the tiers.

The higher you get up in the company, the less people are standing shoulder to shoulder with you. You stand on the shoulders of the business partners beneath you, earning off their income in addition to the income you earn.

You with me so far?

This system is tried and true, and works. It can be very motivating and exciting, especially because we all know someone who has found success in MLM. I know a mom who has been able to support her family for over 10 years with a company, I have a friend who makes 6 figures a year with a different company, I follow a couple other women who are so stupid successful with their MLM businesses that my mind is legit blown. I could not imagine making over a million dollars a year in MLM, but I know it’s possible because I personally know people who are seeing that kind of crazy, unimaginable success.

So you can see why it was enticing for me to jump in, and be part of companies that have made the dreams of many moms come true.

Truth be told, the only company I ever made any decent money with was Color Street. I never really made anything from the other companies, for one reason or another. I’ve steadily gotten a paycheck from Color Street for nearly two years.

It all sounds great, right? So, why leave?

won't work for MLMs anymore

The truth is: there are a handful of reasons why I’m never working for an MLM again.

Here Are The 7 Reasons I Won’t Work For An MLM Again

  • I don’t like having my income be dependent on the effort and talent of others.
  • I don’t like working my tail off to give other people a paycheck.
  • I don’t like not owning the idea or product of a company.
  • I don’t like the risk of a company up and closing its doors with little to no warning.
  • I don’t like that there are so many rules about marketing, branding and communication that can cause someone to lose their business.
  • I don’t like the competition for business and hustling. It’s hard to differentiate between different people who are literally slinging the same exact products, and it’s hard to infuse personality into someone else’s product or idea.
  • And most importantly: I hate, hate, hate feeling spammy or desperate to make a monthly quota.

What it boils down to, for me, is that the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze. That is NOT to say that other people can’t find success in MLMs. We both know it’s absolutely possible to be the diamond in the rough! I genuinely wish anyone who is interested or considering joining the best of luck!

As you guys know, I am in the process of launching a lifestyle brand with my husband, Farm and Country Co. I emailed my longtime clients and newsletter subscribers over the weekend, and shared in my Facebook group that I was going to be devoting my time and energy into my new business. And I was met with so much support. Zero shock or surprise about that though, I have the best circle of people lifting me up from around the world! 🥰

* In reference to why I won’t ever use Monat again, I will blog about that soon and link it here. Long story short, it destroyed my hair.