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Since 2010, I have had the honor to tell thousands of stories with my camera - whether it's for a mom who wants to document a brief moment in time with her family, a graduating senior off on a new adventure, or newlyweds on the best day of their lives (so far!).

Meet your photographer: the storyteller behind the lens.

about me

When I was younger, I was telling stories and doing everything I could to make people laugh. I dreamed about working for National Geographic, traveling around the world as a photojournalist. It wasn't until I was a 25 year old mother of four little babies, living overseas in Japan with my husband Randy that I decided to get serious about pursuing my dream to use my camera to tell people's stories. Randy bought me my first DSLR and after teaching myself how to use it through YouTube University and a whole lot of trial and error, I opened up my photography business in the summer of 2010 once we moved back Stateside. 

I had no idea that my "little photography side business" would take me on the adventure of a lifetime.  

Ever since then, I've worked with families, couples and seniors all over the US, I've had my work published and recognized nationally. Now I teach other photographers how to live their best life, too!

I am a mom who turned a childhood dream into a reality.

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Hiking & exploring new places

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My family & furbabies

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Books and coffee mugs

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I'm a Scorpio, 2w3, esfp

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