About Ashley Durham: Wisconsin Blogger, Mom & Enterpreneur


Hi, I'm Ashley!

I was always "that kid" with the camera, telling stories and doing everything I could to make people laugh. It wasn't until I was a 25 year old mother of four little babies, living overseas in Japan with my husband that I decided to get serious about being my own boss. Randy bought me my first camera (a Nikon D40) and after teaching myself how to use it through YouTube University and a whole lot of trial and error, I opened up my photography business in the summer of 2010 once we moved back Stateside. 

I had no idea that my "little photography side business" would take me on the adventure of a lifetime. While I am no longer offering professional photography services, I am still very much passionate about entrepreneurship and blogging.

When I'm not busy with my husband, my kids or on some sort of adventure, you can almost always find me at home in yoga pants, snuggling my puppies and watching reruns of Friends or Gilmore Girls with a big cup of coffee in hand. 


I change my hair color often - I go from dark brown to platinum blonde, and sometimes I add in fun colors like pink or purple.

I often drop in quotes from my favorite TV shows and movies into regular conversation.

I have an enormous sweet tooth.

My favorite things to read for fun are vampire novels and YA books.

I'm not allowed to go to the Humane Society by myself anymore because every time I go, I adopt a new dog (I have five and counting!).

My Bachelor's degree is in marketing from Colorado State University, and it's taken me 18 years to finish - and it was worth every challenge!

I love to mix green mint chip ice cream with rocky road, been doing it since I was a kid.

All of my tattoos include words (I have four and counting!).

I met my husband Randy on AOL Instant Messenger.

Cinnamon, vanilla and lemon are my favorite scents.

We the People of the United States flag on a white barn

Apr 30

I woke up with a fire in my soul today, and I will no longer idly stand by. I don’t often blog or talk about politics, but when I do … oooh. You know I’ve got something important to say.   It’s We the People of the United States … not We the Government. Our […]