Meet Ashley Durham: Wisconsin Wedding and Family Photographer

We are a husband and wife photography team from Wisconsin.

Hi, we're Randy & Ashley

Ashley was always "that kid" with the camera, telling stories and doing everything she could to make people laugh. It wasn't until she was a 25 year old mother of four little babies, living overseas in Japan with Randy that she decided to get serious about being my own boss. Randy bought her their first camera (a Nikon D40) and after teaching herself how to use it through YouTube University and a whole lot of trial and error, she opened up the photography business in the summer of 2010 once we moved back Stateside. 

We had no idea that our "little photography side business" would take us on the adventure of a lifetime. Randy started shooting weddings in 2013, and in 2021 quit his 'day job' to pursue our dreams of being Wisconsin's best wedding photography team.

When we aren't busy with our kids or on some sort of adventure around our hobby farm, you can almost always find us at home in comfy pants, snuggling our puppies and watching reruns of Friends or Gilmore Girls with a big cup of coffee in hand. 


Timeline of our business

we've had a few different names but it's always been us.


We met online ... way back on aol instant messenger! randy totally "ASL'd" Ashley and we've been together ever since.

We both drop quotes from our favorite TV shows and movies into regular conversation.

We can drink coffee anytime of the day, but Ashley has to drink decaf.

If we could eat one food for the rest of our lives, it would be pizza. Randy loves a solid pepperoni pizza but Ashley is a Hawaiian pizza girl with hot sauce on top.

Ashley is not allowed to go to the Humane Society by herself anymore because every time she does, we adopt a new dog (we have six and counting!).

Randy is teaching himself to become a wood craftsman, and he loves to make American flags in his spare time.

Ashley's favorite ice cream is rocky road and Randy's is anything with peanut butter and chocolate.

We both love tattoos and have several ... we even have a matching tattoo that says "the obstacle is the path" - which happens to be our life motto.

We have lived all over the place - in California, Washington, Japan, North Dakota, Colorado, Georgia and now Wisconsin. 

We have a hobby farm filled with chickens, ducks, pigs and goats and Randy will be growing food for us. Ashley will *not* be growing because her thumb is black as night.

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