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       ey y'all ... I'm Ashley Durham, but my friends call me Ash.
      I have spent the last ten years of my life as a traveling wedding photographer and I'm so excited to be pivoting into a Georgia branding photographer for women in business, lifestyle blogger for women and mothers in 2019, as well as a Color Street stylist and leader. 
     As a mom of four tweens and teens, I love helping other busy mommas, helping them navigate through the chaos of motherhood, marriage, health and traveling ... all with just a little bit of humor and grace. So excited to have you here!


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and helping other moms find their own success

I believe in...



adventuring together

love at first sight

seeing a feeling

the little things

soul mates

being silly

Not all those who wander are lost

what's on my itinerary:

• Dallas, TX | July 18-21, 2019 
• Grand Junction, CO | Aug 10-12, 2019
• Waco, TX | Aug 16-17, 2019
• Houston, TX | Oct 11-12, 2019

• Denver, CO |Nov 2-3, 2019
• Palm Springs, CA | Mar 19-21, 2020

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Just a heads up:

I am no longer booking weddings at this time.

bear with me

I'll get back with you soon!

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