November 25, 2019

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2019 Christmas Movies on Netflix: What I’m Watching This Holiday Season

2019 Holiday movies on Netflix
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There isn’t anything I like more than a good Netflix and Chill marathon, especially during the holidays. With me working three jobs this year (photography, Color Street and I also am the marketing director at our veterinarian’s office), I honestly don’t have a ton of time to watch anything anymore. But! I’m definitely making time to tune in to a handful of movies that I’m watching on Netflix this holiday season.

You ready? Here we go!

2019 Christmas Movies on Netflix:

What I’m Watching This Holiday Season

The Knight Before Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens, a hottie 14th century Knight, an old croan that is disguised as Mrs. Clause and a love story? Do I need to even tell you more? Randy and I actually watched this already, and even Randy thought it was adorable. And guessing by the mid-credits scene, in 2020 we will see a sequel with Hottie Knight’s brother!

A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby

I loved the first, I loved the second … and now there’s a third in the Christmas Prince series? It’s so beautiful and cheesy and all things gloriously Christmas, that I’m counting down the days until I can plop down on the couch and watch it. And cry, because that’s what I do.

Holiday in the Wild

Okay, look – it’s an odd thing but I’m looking forward to watching this because these actors are ones I grew up watching. I love the whole concept of saving elephants, too – after the Rise conference over the summer, elephants have become one of my new favorite animals.

Those are the new movies that caught my eye, but of course – there’s a couple oldies but goodies available to stream on Netflix.

Just Friends

This is literally one of my favorite movies … ever. I can’t go through the holiday season without watching it – every year since it came out something like 15 years ago. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious and it’s got so many good one-liners (that you’ve no doubtedly heard me drop before without even realizing it). Watch it with me, you won’t regret it!

Christmas with the Kranks

Tim Allen is one of my favorite actors since my childhood days of Home Improvement. Combine him with Jamie Lee Curtis in an over the top Christmas movie with a large rooftop Frosty and you’ve got yourself a Christmas classic! I love to bundle up with the kids and watch this, and we giggle every time throughout the whole movie!

So now that you know the 2019 Christmas movies on Netflix that I’m watching …

Tell me: what are YOU watching this holiday season?! Recommend something for me to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus or Prime – I’ve got them all!

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