Days 18-22 | Road Tour 2014 | Iowa + Nebraska

Jun 30

Days 18-22 | Road Tour 2014 | Iowa + Nebraska

The last few days of the 2014 Road Tour were spent in Iowa and Nebraska. These were mostly travel days for us – really, really long days in the truck – so I didn’t take too many shots. I also did a couple sessions – one with my very first wedding couple, Trisha and Cody, who live in Iowa City now as well as Ashley and her family just outside of Des Moines! In addition to the crazy weather we dealt with in Florida … we also had some severe weather craziness while we were in Iowa. We were there when that awful tornado went through that little town in Nebraska … and we dealt with the outskirts of that same weather pattern. I spent most of my time in Iowa with the emergency radio glued to my ear, panicking because I thought we were going to experience our first tornado. I have a lot of respect (and amazement) that people live in areas that deal with tornadoes – I couldn’t do it! It took everything in me not to drive straight through the night to get out of the area. (Fun trivia – I am terrified of tornadoes).

While we were in Iowa we went to this AWESOME restaurant called Zombie Burger in Des Moines… it has some of the weirdest menu items, but it was absolutely delicious! We also went to this cool place called the Machine Shed, where I got to meet up with a couple of my girlfriends that I’ve known online for YEARS and finally got to meet while we were in Iowa. We had the biggest table ever!!!!

Our last day of our trip was spent with one of my best friends, Wendy of C’est Le Vie Photography, at Offut AFB in Nebraska. I’ve known Wendy for years and years, and every once in a while we actually are in the same place at the same time and it just worked out beautifully. Wendy is in the process of transitioning from active duty military to a full-time photographer and I’ve had the honor to mentor her through the process … and I’m super excited for all the amazingness that is coming her way! We did some fun head shots for her, too! 🙂

And that is how we ended our 2014 Road Tour! We were really bummed to come home, and are already counting down to Road Tour 2015!! I’m starting to work on the blog about how to RV across America with kids and dogs …. stay tuned!!! I can’t wait to share all of the sessions from the Tour!!! xoxoxo

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