December 24, 2022

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Dear Moms, Please Stop Making Excuses To Not Be In Photos

moms get in the photos
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Dear Moms of the World,

Christmas is just a few days away and something has been weighing heavily on my heart. How many times have you shied away from being in photos over the last few years? We’ve all gained 15 pounds that we just can’t seem to shed, we all have gray hairs popping up out of nowhere, we are all busy with a million different things.

But you know what? Enough excuses.

Get in freakin’ photo.

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Don’t have someone who can take the photo for you? Take a selfie or get fancy and use the self-timer on your cell phone. I don’t care how you do it, but rather that you do it.

moms get in the photos

Dads (or Partners), if you’re reading this: do me a favor? Take pictures of her – snuggling on the couch, making hot cocoa, singing and dancing together in the kitchen, reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, whatever it is. Take photos. Even if her hair isn’t brushed and she’s in her pajamas – take the photos. Doesn’t matter if she’s looking at the camera and smiling, sometimes those moments where she’s living in the moment are going to be the most meaningful for her and for your kids.

Trust me.

Take the freakin’ photo.


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