July 18, 2016

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How to Get More Referrals from Vendors on Instagram

How to get more referrals from vendors on instagram
Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

Have you ever thought to yourself: “man, I wish more vendors would refer me out for work!” but had no idea HOW to get them to do that, without outright asking them to?

We’ve been there, friends. When we first relocated our business here to California two years ago this month, we had to start essentially from scratch. The Colorado wedding industry is waaaay different than here in California!! And we knew nobody out here – no florists, no makeup artists, no wedding planners or event coordinators for venues – absolutely no one. And in an industry where referrals can make or break your business: it was a dangerous and scary situation to put ourselves in!

But once we got the ball rolling with weddings and sessions here, one thing we really wanted to make sure that we did – aside from making the experience amazing for our clients – was to take great care of all of the vendors we worked with! This meant getting great photos of all their products or services, sharing these images with them … and being sure we were vigilant about making sure they received proper credit on social media, our blog and any publication the wedding would get!

So … With that in mind, here is how to get more referrals from vendors on Instagram!!

How to get more referrals from vendors on instagram


We promise you: it’s SO SIMPLE.

Give them credit in the caption … AND tag them!

how to get more vendor referrals on instagram

Here is why we LOVE doing BOTH:

When you tag them in the photo – your photos will show up on their profile in the “photos of @_____” area.

how to get more vendor referrals on instagram

Now why should you also tag them in the caption when you’ve already tagged them in the photo? Because! When you give them credit in the caption – your directing your followers to their business – which can turn into new followers for them (which can turn into more revenue and referrals!).  Plus, if your photo is picked up for being re-grammed by other accounts like wedding blogs, the caption will carry over so the vendors will receive credit AGAIN!

They win. You win. You all win together!

Plus: you never know when one of those big major companies you tag + give credit to will re-gram your photo! Just the other day, David’s Bridal shared a photo we had posted and tagged them in … what the what!

Vendors email us after EVERY wedding to thank us for taking such good care of them, and tagging them in posts on Instagram. It’s an EASY and FREE way to share the love, guys!!

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