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How to Keyword Blog Post Titles

December 7, 2023

This week, my creative friends on my business newsletter email list learned all about the importance and definition of a keyword. Not only that, but we dove deep into why it’s so important to keyword blog post titles, and I gave them a few examples of what not to do (and challenged them to try out a keyworded title template for their next blog post). And, I thought it would be a nice idea to share a bit more about keywording and blog post titles for y’all here on my blog, too!

How to keyword blog post titles

How to Keyword Blog Post Titles

Keywords are a huge part of blogging (and something the Yoast plugin will red light you about), and one error I see many photographers make is not using keywords in their blog titles. Now, we’ll dive deep into all the different ways you should be using keywords on your blog, but first, let’s define what a keyword is:


a word or concept of great significance; an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document.

I personally don’t use a single keyword for my blog posts, but rather a “key phrase” to describe what I’m writing about.

Simply put: it’s the short 3-5 word phrase that people are going to Google and you’re going to want to show up for on Google.

Write Blog Posts For Future Clients In Mind

So when you write your next blog, I want you to think of a future audience and not the current audience. What do I mean by that?

When you’re writing a blog, you want to attract and repel: attract your target client, repel everyone else. When you’re blogging a session or a wedding, you’re not only showcasing your current work but you’re also blogging for future clients to see your work. This could be for a specific location, during a specific time of year, etc.

Examples of non-keyworded blog titles:

  • Katie and David’s Wedding
  • The Anderson Family
  • Jamie’s Senior Photography Session

Do you see the problem with these blog post titles? 😳

No future bride is going to Google “Katie and David’s wedding” when they’re looking for a wedding at this venue, right? They’re going to look for examples of an October wedding at the Stella Hotel in Kenosha.

No future family client is going to Google “The Anderson Family” and expect to find family photos taken at Lost Dutchman State Park. But someone hoping to find a family photographer to take their photos there might Google “family photos at Lost Dutchman State Park.”

No future mom or high school senior is going to look up Jamie’s senior photography session, either. But they might be searching for examples of summer senior portraits in downtown Phoenix!

So, whoever you’re hoping to attract to your website by writing your blog, use a Keyword with them in mind in the blog post title.

Examples of Properly Keyworded Blog Post Titles

Now that we see what not to do, let’s talk about ways you can boost your SEO by properly keywording your blog – all starting with the title!

Taking the examples I provided of what not to do, here are more SEO-optimized versions of those blog titles:

  • October Wedding at the Stella Hotel in Kenosha
  • Family Photos at Lost Dutchman State Park
  • Jamie’s Summer Senior Portraits in Downtown Phoenix

Do you see the difference? 😏

photographer blog post tips

Ashley Durham is a longtime creative business owner devoted to helping small businesses thrive with as little stress as possible.

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