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I was never just a photographer

I Was Never JUST A Photographer

December 3, 2020

I was never just a photographer

This was me. For T E N years.

I carried bouquets and sewed brides into their dresses. I’d put on boutonnieres and brought drinks and snacks during cocktail hour photos. I held brides hands during the planning process and took bourbon 🥃 shots with the grooms to celebrate before he would walk down the aisle. There were hundreds of timelines, and I wrote thousands of emails. I cried at the ceremonies and hugged moms during the father-daughter dances. Afterward, we would go out on double dates with our couples, I’d hear about pregnancies before they were Facebook official, I would cheer my brides and grooms on in their careers and life achievements, and we would proudly hang up Christmas cards from our friends all over the country every year.

The truth is: it was NEVER about just being a photographer for me … which was one of the reasons it was so easy for me to walk away from being a wedding photographer earlier this year.

Tomorrow, I am permanently deleting my photography Instagram account and only keeping my official Instagram, and it’s just another step in my evolution as a people-loving, type A-minus, type 2 and 3 enneagram bad ass entrepreneurial self. 🤟

I am E T E R N A L L Y grateful that my years serving others has led me to THIS POINT in my life. I can confidently help other moms rock their business goals, I can share my life and my stories and make people laugh and cringe and get excited, and I can do it with an incredible amount of love and support.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙏





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Heyyyy ... I'm Ashley Durham and I'm a luxury wedding photographer in Phoenix, but I travel all over Arizona and the desert southwest to hang out with the most incredible people. I am obsessed with puppies, extra hot coffee, sunrise and firmly believe that love conquers all.

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