Southwest Wedding Photographer: Palm Springs & Lake Havasu Here I Come

February 7, 2023

Palm Springs postcard

Palm Springs postcard

Southwest Wedding Photographer in Palm Springs and Lake Havasu

✨Exciting Update✨

Palm Springs and Lake Havasu, Here I Come!

I have been photographing weddings and portraits in Palm Springs and Southern California for as long as I have been in business (13 years this year, holy moly!). I even lived near Joshua Tree from 2014-2017,  before returning to Colorado. Since 2017, I have had a freaking wild few years between losing my big brother (in law) Ricky, having thyroid cancer, the pandemic 🫠 and moving cross-country multiple times (CA > CO > GA > WI). It was a mess!

I have made it no secret that Wisconsin isn’t home for me in the long run, and after spending the last two weeks in the southwest? Yeah, no. Wisconsin is so full of beauty and great weather during the summer and beautiful fall foliage, but … it’s just not for me. I spent two weeks not hurting to be outside in JANUARY 🤯 and it really cemented in that I need to spend more time outside of Wisconsin. Not to mention, my Grandy (grandma) is about to turn 90 in March and I’d really like to spend as much time with her as I can.

Someday soon, I will share more about what’s been going on with me once I am legally able to – but here is the gist. My first dad passed away a couple of months ago, and since then I’ve been appointed as the personal representative as his estate and also named the only legal heir for both of his homes in Lake Havasu. I’m dealing with probate and court stuff over the next several months, which means I’ll be traveling back and forth a lot not only to Lake Havasu, but to Palm Springs!

Check out my information for wedding photography in Palm Springs!

The *same* pricing options are available from San Diego to Lake Havasu, for family sessions, senior sessions and weddings in the southwest!

Palm Springs Wedding Photographer Ashley Durham Photography

For my friends, family, vendor friends, past clients, future clients – this means I’ll be able to hang out with you guys much more often. I plan to come out to each area often, maybe even monthly, moving forward. I am specifically hoping to book sessions and weddings in the southwest during non-summer months (haha, it’s SO HOT in Palm Springs and Havasu!).

Want more info about upcoming travel plans? Shoot me a DM!




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