May 9, 2023

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The Best Way to Find Wedding Vendors on Facebook

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The Best Way for Brides to Find Wedding Vendors on Facebook

Let me preface this by saying that I blog about this with so much love, and from a place in my heart that really wants to help connect brides with their dream vendors. But, I think we need to talk about the things brides (and grooms) are posting in Facebook groups when searching for vendors like photographers, makeup artists, planners, florist, etc. A lot of times they’re posting in a way that’s attracting vendors that aren’t going to serve them well, and I want to offer some sage advice from a seasoned pro.

The Best Way to Find Wedding Vendors on Facebook

Did you know as of May 2023 that there are nearly 3 billion users on Facebook (source)? Yeah, that means nearly half of the world’s population is on Facebook, which is absolutely wild. Facebook is an incredible opportunity for connection because there are just so many people on the app, especially when you’re on the hunt to hire a service based person for your wedding – or get hired! Vendors (like me!) love to connect with potential clients on social media, and I’ve definitely booked some incredible couples solely based off social media posts.

So what’s the best way to for brides and grooms to find wedding vendors on Facebook?

Facebook groups has entered the chat.

Locally-based Facebook groups geared toward wedding planning are such a gold mine of opportunity.  Facebook groups are such an easy (AND FREE!) way to crowdsource recommendations for brides, and also a great way to prospect for vendors!

4 Absolutely Vital Details to Include in Your ISO Posts

But, let’s be honest: there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about looking for vendors to hire for your wedding on Facebook. There are four vital pieces of information that will help get you the best options possible, and not only help you as a bride/groom – but also the vendors who are responding!

The Date

Tell us when you’re getting married – as in, the specific date. Not just “next year” or “this winter.” Many of us book out up to two years into the future! If you want to cast your net out for vendor requests, do us all a favor and include your wedding date. That way we don’t waste our time responding to your inquiry, and you don’t waste your time falling in love with someone’s work that isn’t even available for your date.

The Location

I’m in a group on Facebook for brides in Arizona, and I cannot tell you how many times I see this mistake made. Is the wedding in Phoenix? Sedona? Yuma? C’mon ladies! Tell us where you’re getting married, so we know whether we can actually be there for you. Plus, if you list the venue you’re getting married at, we can possibly show you previous weddings we have worked there so you can get a feel for what your wedding could look like there.

The Style/Aesthetic

As vendors, we all have styles we naturally gravitate toward and specialize in. For example, makeup artists can specialize in natural looks versus glam, florists can specialize in boho chic or elegant, etc. And photographers? There’s light/airy vs moody, true to color vs warm vs cool, even film vs digital. There’s literally someone out there who specializes in exactly what you’re looking for! The more specific you are, the better off you’re going to be going through the dozens, if not hundreds, of responses you’re going to get on your post.

And last, but absolutely certainly and totally not least:

The Investment

Look, I get it: wedding budgets a real thing and as a vendor, I can absolutely appreciate and understand that. But, using phrases like “affordable” or asking for recommendations that “don’t cost an arm and a leg” are sure-fire ways to get low-end leads. The term “affordable” is ambiguous, because what is affordable to one couple might be way less or more than a different couple.

Also, for the record, I’d love to actually charge the cost of an arm or a leg! They go for nearly $100,000 on average these days, did you know that??

The Best Way for Brides to Find Wedding Vendors on Facebook


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