August 23, 2020

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Why We Cut Up Our Credit Cards

why we cut up our credit cards
Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

why we cut up our credit cards

Who else has a “just one case” credit card? 👋

We did. We had two – our American Express and a USAA Visa. The AmEx at one point had almost $30k available – completely maxed out at one point. The Visa? Almost $15k, also maxed out a few months ago.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Not anymore. The AmEx was paid off earlier this year and our Visa is on its way out the door. #byefelicia

I kept the cards “just in case” and I realized that it was setting myself up for failure. It’s too easy to use it “just this once” and say “I’ll pay it off when the bill comes.” Today I finally said IT’S TIME and I cut those SOBs up, and broke up with American Express after 18 years together.

We are 10 months into our debt free journey as gazelles. We have been in debt and paying it off for 18 years 😲 but gazelle intense the last 10 months specifically. So far, we have paid off $42k … which is about 16% of our total debts (not including our house).

It sucks, budgeting and selling and living weird. But it’s SO WORTH IT. 👏 Can’t wait to do that debt free yell in a few years!!

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