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3 Secrets to Better SEO for your Website

September 17, 2023

Hey wedding photographers … Who else is sick of paying hundreds of dollars a month to expensive third party advertisers that over-promise and under-deliver results?


Yeah, I hear you. I hear you.

I was spending nearly $800 a month 🤯 on advertising with a third party wedding industry app (you would KNOT believe who it was 🤔😂) … and I am thankful to say I broke up with them because I did these three things to get my website noticed by Google. And it was 💯 freeeeee.

Free Strong SEO >>> Paid Advertising

Top 3 tips to get found on Google simply with a kick butt website:

1️⃣ Talk about who you serve and where you do it as a keyword throughout your website, and make sure it’s marked as an H1 tag for SEO optimization. Each page on your site should be optimized with a keyword relative to your niche and your location (assuming location is important to your business). So, for example, “Sedona Arizona Adventure Elopement Photographer” or “Scottsdale Luxury Wedding Photographer.”

2️⃣ Use alt text for ALL of your images, both on your website and your blogs. Alt text describes the image, and if you can include the specific location – even better for regional/specific searches! So, an example could be “outdoor boho wedding ceremony at the Palm Springs Ace Hotel.” Bonus? The alt text translates to a caption when images are shared on Pinterest!

3️⃣ Get backlinks on other regionally specific and niche-related websites. Google will recognize you as a valuable local resource when other websites link back to yours – which is why I love to share images with other vendors from weddings! When they share my photos, that’s awesome – but when vendors share a link directly to my website? They’re my heroes! 👏 And YOU can be a hero too, by sharing backlinks to other local vendors on your blogs, too! 😏

⚡️ Bonus tip? Index your blogs with Google Search Console when you publish new content! That way Google immediately crawls the content and it helps determine your local/niche relevance.

😘 SAVE this blog for when you decide to break up with expensive advertising and decide you want to get found on Google for free! 🎉

3 Secrets to Better SEO for your Website



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