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7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers for DIY Weddings

December 4, 2018

Any event, whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a party or even a funeral, it needs flowers. It adds freshness and joy to the event without being too overbearing. Beautiful flowers make beautiful floral settings which are extremely attractive and calming to the eye. But let’s not kid ourselves, flowers for such events get super expensive. That’s why your best bet at any given moment would be to buy these flowers from a wholesaler instead of a florist. This can save you on a lot of money from the flower budget. But this isn’t the only advantage of buying flowers from wholesalers. To get the best out of your flower budget, read on to find out why buying wholesale is literally an event and wallet saver.

7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers for DIY Weddings

7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers


Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing beats the freshness that a wholesaler can provide. Florists order their stock from them. So apparently the first fresh cut was with the wholesalers before going to the florists. Do you see why purchasing directly from wholesalers is better than going to a florist? There’s a guarantee that you’ll be provided with the freshest of flowers straight from the farm as and nursery. The look of fresh flowers is absolutely stunning in floral settings and isn’t it just nice knowing that your blooms are in their prime when they reach you? Fresh flowers will have a much longer vase life, and you can even reuse them easily after an event or party. They are also super easy to work with and can be more fragrant and bright looking than flowers that are slowly dying.

7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers


When you purchase from wholesalers especially the ones online, there’s a wide range of varieties available to you. The selection is great. When you’re scrolling through their flowers and greenery collection, the full range can even spark some ideas. Wholesalers will have the best quality with them at any given time. A traditional florist may only have a few varieties to offer you at the moment. But the selection at an online wholesaler is bound to be better. They have no physical collection of flowers. However, they provide you with multiple samples to choose from.The beauty of this good selection is that you can do this sitting at home from your comfort. Refer to your inspirations and just start placing your order!

7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers

Bulk quantity

Another significant advantage of buying wholesale is that you’ll be provided with a bulk quantity. Big events like weddings or parties will definitely need bulk flowers to cover the whole area. Then there are flowers and greenery that you will need for your reception dinner. The centerpieces on the guest’s tables too have to look just as beautiful and match the theme of the wedding. Ordering in bulk like this may also give you the freedom to explore and create some floral settings of your own. Bulk flowers are also easy to use everywhere and can help you maintain the cohesiveness of the whole décor. There’s a high possibility that the flowers in used in your bridal bouquet will also be a part of your centerpieces or wedding altar.

7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers

Large collection

Wholesalers generally have a more extensive collection. They don’t have anything physical ready with them but a choice of a large variety of samples that you can pick from. They keep every sample possible from tropical flowers to exotic flowers. Apart from the commonly used flowers like peonies, lilies, roses, and orchids, there are many more flower varieties that you can choose from if you’re looking for something different. Flowers like anthuriums, delphiniums, and even succulents have become increasingly popular amongst brides. And all of these aren’t usually available at your local florists. If you’re looking for the wow factor, then it’s best to head straight to an online wholesaler for the most extensive collection possible to choose from.

7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers

Saves money

Suppose you’ve purchased roses from a florist. They will make you pay for each stem. But with wholesalers the prices are different. You pay for a bulk quantity which is generally much cheaper than buying from a florist who might’ve just doubled the cost price. You’re heading straight to the guy the florist has purchased from. This is bound to save you big bucks on your floral budget. Flowers for such big events can literally become the most expensive thing on the entire budget. But it really doesn’t have to. Online wholesalers will also have good voucher and discount codes or offer discounts when you purchase in a large quantity. Keeping all these things in consideration, it’s honestly true that you will be able to save money and buy affordable wholesale flowers when purchasing directly from an online wholesaler.

7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers

Saves time

Once you’ve decided that you want your flowers for a particular event or wedding, there’s absolutely no need to go around town from florist to florist. It’s a waste of time. In fact, looking for wholesalers also isn’t the best option especially when you have good online wholesalers like Whole Blossoms. They’re a wholesaler flower shop online that can cater to all your flower needs. Their easy to navigate website help you place an order for your fresh blooms in a matter of minutes. You can do place an order anywhere at, and you’re also assured that your flowers will reach you correctly. This can save you a lot of time which you can put into other things like deciding your color schemes or floral arrangements. If you’re a do it yourself bride we know that this must feel like an absolute relief too!

7 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Flowers

Easy delivery

Buying bulk flowers online and knowing that it will be delivered right to your doorstep is honestly a blessing. Online wholesale flower shops take a lot of care when it comes to deliveries. They make sure that your blooms reach you on the given time in the best shape possible. They also make sure that the flowers don’t lose their freshness in transit. In fact, Whole Blossoms not only deliver right at your doorstep but also provides with a fantastic 24/7-hour delivery service which is a luxury for event planners, floral designers and even do it yourself brides. This is the best for events planned in urgency too.


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