July 1, 2015

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8 Things I Learned About Weddings From Gilmore Girls

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

This week’s Wedding Wednesday advice column is brought to you by none other than my favorite TV show of all time, Gilmore Girls.

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You see, I fancy myself a Lorelai – we share the same love for pop culture references, we drink coffee-coffee-coffee (although, let’s be honest – she drinks WAY more), pizza is one my four main food groups too … and we have both been to our fair share of weddings. Over the 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, we saw Lorelai get engaged three times (Max, Luke and Christopher), Rory get proposed to by Logan, we saw Sookie and Jackson get married, Dean and Lindsey get married (and divorced, yikes), Emily and Richard renew their vows and of course the “rockingest of the rocking” – Lane and Zach’s town square shindig.

Each proposal and wedding was so different from each other, that I think we – as viewers – could learn just a few fun things from them! So without further adieu, here are the 8 things I learned from watching weddings and Gilmore Girls:

Proposals should be a thousand yellow daisies.

When Max proposed to Lorelai, it was a spur of the moment spout out after an argument. Proposals should be planned and be something special. I’ll never forget when Randy proposed to me, on one knee just before Christmas almost 13 years ago. It was magical. It was a thousand yellow daisies.

Every wedding should audition a zydeco band.

Because, why not? Don’t limit yourself to just a DJ or a string quartet or as Emily would have it – a 20 piece orchestra. Have some fun with your wedding sounds! People will definitely remember three things: the photography, the music and how much fun they had.

It’s okay to be nervous and try your wedding dress on in the middle of the night.

Both Emily and Sookie did this and their marriages have stood through time. Everyone gets nervous before their wedding! It’s normal.

But, sometimes it’s just romantic to elope to Paris.

I can’t imagine anything more romantic than being spontaneous and simply eloping while on a vacation … and what better place than a chateau in Paris?? Just make sure to call your best friend and at least offer her the chance to fly out to France, first. Maybe don’t do it on a cruise to Alaska, though …

You don’t have to import dancing midgets from Prague to make your wedding special.

Keep it simple, and don’t end up in “Emilyland.” Weddings should be personal and simple – focus more on the marriage than the wedding! And remember: 50% off a lot … is still a lot!

Friends don’t let friends get “Tootsied.”

Without fail, there’s always one person at every wedding who can be embarrassing or tries to monopolize your time … for the Gilmore’s, that’s Great Aunt Tootsie. At every Gilmore event, we’re warned about her by Lorelai and for good reason!

Mixed culture weddings are the “rocking and rollingest.”

Just look at Lane and Zach’s wedding. Not only was it both a Buddhist/Korean and Seventh Day Adventist wedding, also had a super hip reception right there on the town square, complete with Yummy Waiters and a performance by Hep Alien. By far their wedding was my favorite on the series! And, one of my favorite weddings we’ve ever shot was a mixed culture wedding (remember Edward and Kelly’s wedding a couple months ago??).

An Open Bar Will Lead to Something Happening

It’s true. Every wedding with an “open bar” is just the best. Eight shots of tequila is enough to have people make embarrassing grand speeches and dance like they know how to (regardless of whether or not they actually can).

And on that note … “Super cool party people bid ya super cool adieu!!”


Until next week!

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