August 30, 2021


Bariatric Surgery: My 2 Month Update

2 months after bariatric surgery
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I woke up early this morning and realized that I haven’t posted any surgery updates since my 3 week post-op blog a few weeks ago. It’s been a wild 2 months since my bariatric surgery, and so much has changed. Everything from my eating habits to my confidence, and everything in between: it’s been a life changing experience, to say the least. I have learned so much about myself these last two months, and my metamorphosis has truly only begun.

2 months after bariatric surgery

Bariatric Surgery: My 2 Month Update

Weight Loss

Since I know the first question most people want to ask is how much weight I’ve lost, I’ll start there! As of this morning, I weigh 206.8 pounds. That brings my total weight loss to 44.2 pounds since I started my weight loss journey in January, and 36.2 pounds since surgery two months ago. One of the first lessons I’ve learned about this process is that everyone’s story is going to be different. Some people lose 50 pounds in the first month, for some of us it takes a bit longer. And guess what? That’s okay!!

Stalls Happen

I’m in a couple of bariatric surgery groups on Facebook and one trending thread that pops up all the time is “OMG, it’s been 3 weeks since surgery and I haven’t lost any weight in days – did I break my sleeve?!” It was these posts that actually made me grateful to see other people who have stalled and to see the older veterans chime in to confirm it happened to them and that it was normal. So, if you’re not in these groups and you’re considering surgery – be prepared for the 3 week stall. It’s normal, it happens, and it’s okay!!

My Thyroid Medications Had to Change

After losing nearly 45 pounds, I recently got some bloodwork done for my thyroid medications and my TSH and Free T4 levels were not ideal (TSH was 0.18 too low and my Free T4 was 1.78 too high). So my endocrinologist lowered my meds from 175mcg to 137mcg! One of the reasons I did this surgery was to reduce my dependence on medications and their dosages – so to me, this is a HUGE win!!

Confidence and Cancel Culture

I’m debating writing an entirely separate blog about how my view of cancel culture has changed (or rather, my FEAR of cancel culture), because this is the most shocking part of my transformation, so far. I am beginning to care less and less about making sure I am likable to every single person I meet. Don’t get me wrong – I still want to be well-liked and respected (who doesn’t?!) but I’m no longer willing to bite my tongue or not fight for what I believe in (check out this Instagram post to see what I’m talking about). For years, I have battled with debilitating self-consciousness because of my size and now that I am shrinking, I find that my confidence is growing and my willingness to grin-and-bear-it is fading.

The phrase ‘I’d rather have four quarters than 100 pennies‘ is ringing more and more true to me over these last few weeks. Anyway, more about cancel culture and my wagging middle finger at it later on … maybe.

Food Hits Different

I’m a lifelong food and sugar addict: it’s part of my story, and I feel no shame in admitting this fact. Since surgery, my tastebuds have TOTALLY changed and it’s the weirdest thing EVER. Instead of sweets, I’m craving super savory and flavorful foods – things like blue cheese, steak with horseradish and bone broth with Himalayan salt.

I also can’t tolerate sweets very well anymore. Katelyn made these amazing Starbucks knock off pumpkin muffins the other day and they were so overpowered with sugary flavor that I almost instantly got sick (and paid for it over the following 24 hours). Don’t get me wrong – I still want sweets, but I just don’t want them at the same time. It’s really bizarre.

My Pain is Lessened

I’m still having some ongoing hip issues, but at least my knees, back and ankles aren’t aching so much anymore! And since I cut down the amount of sugar, dairy and wheat/gluten that I eat simply because I eat less, my inflammation is systemically reduced. What does that mean? My joints aren’t as swollen and achy anymore!

So What’s Next?

I know a few weeks ago I set my sights on hitting “onederland” before Halloween and since I’m just under seven pounds away from that goal – I’m still keeping that as my goal. Simultaneously, that’ll also mean that I’ve lost fifty pounds, so, you can imagine my excitement!!

The kids start school this week (full-time, in-person, thank you baby Jesus), and my next real big goal is to start going to the gym and devoting 5 days a week to at least 30 minutes of exercise. I’m hoping to go right after I drop the kids off at school, so that way I have zero excuse not to go. I’ve always wanted to become a gym person, but I’ve been super lax about actually doing it because it hurt so bad from the excess weight on my knees and hips.

So that’s pretty much it, for now!

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