Days 15-17 | Road Tour 2014 | Nashville Shores, Tennessee

Jun 23

Days 15-17 | Road Tour 2014 | Nashville Shores, Tennessee

Nashville  was, BY FAR, our favorite part of our entire trip. We had the absolute best time in Tennessee!! And I can totally see why so many photographers move there – the scenery is breathtaking, the light is just pure magic and the people are super friendly! I didn’t do any work there, it was mostly just hanging out – we spent our entire time at this totally rad place called Nashville Shores, and if you haven’t been there – GO. GO NOW! We honestly had more fun at this little campground, lake and watermark than we had at Disney World! To be honest, the three days just merged together into one happy memory so I can’t remember exactly what we did each day. But, one of the days we spent at the actual water park and I finally got to test out the cool underwater camera I purchased specifically for our day at the water park, and we had a BLAST. The kids loved the water slides and the tubing river, and they had dippin’ dots (which is the best ice cream, ever) and funnel cake. That night one of the campground kids was fishing and he showed the kids his catch (Sierra’s face holding a wiggly fish is too funny), and the moon was just absolutely out of world gorgeous.

Another one of the days we rented a kayak. If you’ve ever wanted to get a stomach ache from laughing so hard, try to fit a family of 6 on one very small kayak. It took us about 40 minutes to go out about 30 yards, and to start turning back to shore to return the kayak. It was absolutely hysterical – I think we spent more time trying not to tip over than we did rowing! The last night that we were there, we rented a couple jet ski’s to take the kids out for an hour … and at one point, we decided to switch the kids around and one thing led to another and I ended up having to bail out into the lake because the whole jet ski was tipping over … and I lost my sunglasses to the bottom of the lake (hence the pouting face photo, haha). I was super bummed!! Randy said the whole thing was pretty comical though, I only wish he’d gotten a picture of the whole thing – that would have been priceless. 😉

We also tried White Castle for the first time while in Nashville … it was pretty good, but call me crazy – I swear the ones in the grocery market freezer section taste better???