Lifestyle Newborn Session at Home in Palm Desert

Feb 7

Lifestyle Newborn Session at Home in Palm Desert

Oh sweet, sweet baby boy.

When Vladen + Michelle told us that they were pregnant, Randy + I were ecstatic for them (I may or may not have shed a few tears of joy when I found out, because it’s what I do). After their engagement session in 2015 and wedding in 2016, we eagerly awaited for them to announce they were having a baby and you guys: he’s here!! He was born the day after their first wedding anniversary, and I couldn’t image a better way to celebrate!

I spent a morning last week at Vladen + Michelle’s home in Palm Desert, taking photos and snuggling with one-week old Max for a lifestyle newborn session. I’m definitely not a newborn photographer by any means, but what an honor it was to be able to come over and document such a special time for one of our favorite families! Big brother Jackson jumped in for a little bit, and big puppy brother Sirius kept an eye on things.

Meet Maximilian Thaddeus!

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