February 7, 2020


Moody Bridal Boudoir Session At Home

naked bride in bed with coffee
Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

naked bride in bed with coffee

Today I’ve got a bit of a surprise for you on the blog: a bridal boudoir session at home!

I photographed this moody bridal boudoir session for one of my brides and she’s graciously allowed me to share just a few with y’all here on my blog and I’m excited to finally share these. It’s been a few months since their wedding, and I wanted to make sure I respected her wish for privacy as well as the surprise for her husband-to-be! Sitting on these images the last several months has been SO HARD, I can’t even begin to tell you!

Why do I love shooting boudoir sessions? There’s a couple of reasons:

1.) I love the empowerment women feel after their session. So many of them walk into sessions really nervous and all of them walk away with an extra bounce in their step. Boudoir is a very empowering experience, where embrace their inner goddesses and I am ALL FOR THAT.

2.) The reactions from their partners – this bride-to-be in particular gave these images to her husband-to-be the night before their wedding, and he absolutely LOVED that she did these for him. When I first saw him on their wedding day, he gave a high five, a huge hug and thanked me for showing his bride what an incredible woman she is. I AM ALL FOR THAT.

3.) I mean – hot damn, how can you NOT love boudoir after seeing images like these!?

Now that we are settled into our new lives in Georgia, I’m very excited to be offering boudoir sessions for women in Jacksonville, Kingsland, Brunswick and surrounding areas. I’m hoping to have a studio space within the next year or so, but for the time being I’ll be offering in-home and on-location boudoir sessions!

bridal boudoir with a veil in bed

boudoir with nothing but a white sheet

baseball jersey boudoir

boudoir with a baseball jersey

bridal boudoir in white lingerie

bridal boudoir in white lingerie

bridal boudoir in white lingerie

lacey black oneside for boudoir

moody bridal boudoir grabbing booty

boudoir on her knees

boudoir with black lace

boudoir from behind

moody bridal boudoir focusing on the eyelashes

Are you looking for a Lake Geneva Wisconsin boudoir photographer? Look no further babe, I’m your girl! Let’s have some fun together! Shoot me an email or use my contact form to get more information.

All boudoir images are shared with permission of clients.

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