New Ideas on Old Wedding Traditions: Old, New, Borrowed + Blue

Sep 19

New Ideas on Old Wedding Traditions: Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

When it comes to weddings, trends come and go, but traditions stay. One of the most popular wedding traditions is abiding by the saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” This tradition has been guiding brides in the wedding planning process for years, and shows no signs of stopping.

New Ideas on Old Wedding Traditions

New Ideas on Old Wedding Traditions

Brides and grooms-to-be are taking this wedding tradition and putting their own spin on it like never before. Here are just a few ways couples are incorporating this traditional saying into their wedding attire, themes, and trends:

Something Old

Give your wedding a touch that is unique and personal by incorporating family antiques and photos as decor. Bring back your favorite memories of families and friends through black and white photographs in decorative frames. Display pictures of family vacations or honor loved ones who have passed by setting up a memory entry table, pinning their photos to your bouquet, or incorporating family antiques as centerpiece decor.

new twists on old wedding traditions

You could also incorporate something old into your guests wedding favors. As a thank you, include a copy of a family recipe or a sweet treat you enjoyed as a kid. As a simple, understated sentiment to something old, offer your guests an Old Fashioned on your cocktail menu. It might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s a creative approach!

Something New

Start a new tradition with your wedding by incorporating a trend that is unique. If you stray away from the traditional wedding ideas, you have the ability to give your ceremony a moment that is unforgettable and special to you. There are many ways to personalize your wedding ceremony through the decor, vows, and wedding party ideas.

Plan your pre-wedding activities with a toast to starting a new chapter in your life, but never forgetting the last. Surprise your guests as your flower girl drops something besides flower petals, like feathers or seashells, or your ring bearer carries your wedding bands in a unique memento box. Incorporating new and unique wedding trends into your special day is easier than you think. From the types of decor that you use to the vows you write yourself, every couple has the ability to make their wedding ceremony feel unique, exciting, and new.

Something Borrowed

For something borrowed, brides are usually using a family wedding veil or even wearing a mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. Although borrowing for a wedding is typically thought of as wedding attire, there are many other details of a wedding that can be borrowed.

Invite your guests to contribute to your special day by asking to “borrow” some of their favorite music suggestions. Your guests will have a great time dancing the night away to their favorite tunes. On your invitation, leave a spot for guests to RSVP with their favorite song recommendations. Another idea to get your guests involved in your special day is by asking to borrow their cocktail recipes. Prior to your reception, invite guests to mingle at a cocktail hour. Guests will enjoy their favorite drinks as they wait for you and your wedding party to arrive. This is a perfect opportunity to finish up some last minute wedding photos, as well as to enjoy a post-ceremony drink.

Something Blue

You’ve found something old, acquired something new, asked for something borrowed, and now need  something blue. Over time, this subtle bride-to-be tradition has been incorporated in countless ways. From blue flowers hidden in a bouquet, to the subtle blue shoes beneath the bride’s dress, the tradition of something blue has been creatively used by brides for years.

how to incorporate something blue in your wedding

This year, blue is no longer just for the bride-to-be. Grooms are looking sharp and handsome in blue this wedding season.

From muted accessories to tuxedos and suits, the color blue is just as eye-catching and dashing as a black tuxedo. Blue can be found in various shades, making this color the perfect option for any wedding theme or season. For weddings that are more elegant and modern, your groom and groomsmen can look stylish and sophisticated in a midnight blue tuxedo. If your wedding has a theme that is more relaxed, try renting a blue suit that will have an appearance that is casual, but still well put-together.

new ideas on old wedding traditions

If you’re looking to incorporate blue in a less noticeable way, try incorporating the color into the details of your groom’s attire. Bow ties, socks, and handkerchiefs all look stylish in blue and they are accessories your groom and groomsmen will be sure to wear again.

Planning a wedding is all about making the details your own. Don’t be afraid to take a wedding tradition and layer it with current wedding trends. Bring the details of your wedding together and don’t be afraid to put your own fun spin on something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

What’s your new idea on old wedding traditions?

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