Sunrise Family Session at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

Jan 27

Sunrise Family Session at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

sunrise family session on driftwood beach on jekyll island

Growing up in Southern California, I always loved going to the beach as a kid but was never really a ‘beach person’ so to speak. I’ve always been drawn to mountains and colder temperatures, so you can imagine my surprise at falling in love with a beach! Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island has quickly become one of my favorite places in the world to just go and relax, and it’s always so fun to welcome families to join me for photo sessions there. When Shannon and Steve asked me if I’d like to photograph their sunrise family session at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, I was super excited. Why? Because it was my very first sunrise shoot since moving here to Georgia!

We actually did this family shoot at Driftwood Beach on New Years morning, and let me tell you: it was CHILLY! I was super shocked that their kiddos, 3-year-old Caleb and 10-month-old Brooks, handled the near-freezing temps at the beach so well and for so long. We had a blast running around, climbing all over the driftwood and running away from the crashing waves. I loved watching Steve and Shannon cuddle with their kids and with each other – their family is absolutely adorable!

Sunrise Family Session at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

I have to say, sunrise photo sessions on Jekyll Island are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Even though it does require an o’dark:thirty wake up and it’s a lot colder, it really is an incredible experience. The beach is much less crowded than in the afternoons and evenings, and the sunrise creates the most amazing golden light. I’m so used to photographing at the beach in the afternoons because on the west coast, that’s when golden light is at its peak; so getting that golden light at a different time of day is pretty awesome!

Anyway – Steve and Shannon: thank you so much for coming to Jekyll Island for your sunrise family session on Driftwood Beach!!!

family of four on driftwood beach

family at sunrise at driftwood beach

family tickling each other

family posing together on jekyll island

family with the driftwoods on the beach

mother and 3 year old son

husband and wife at driftwood beach

family of four at driftwood beach

happy family on jekyll island

sunrise photos at jekyll island

husband and wife kissing at driftwood beach

mom giving baby eskimo kisses

cute baby at the beach on jekyll island

mother and baby gazing at each other

baby on a blanket at sunrise

sunrise couples session at jekyll island

husband and wife bathed in golden light

3 year old on the beach

golden light backlight

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