The Top 5 Reasons We Love 17hats

Oct 8

The Top 5 Reasons We Love 17hats

A year ago, our entire life got 17 times easier.

A year ago, our life improved 17 different ways.

A year ago, we became one of the first users of


17hats is a relatively new business management software that has literally changed our life. From it’s humble beginnings, to it’s explosion on the photography business scene over the last year – 17hats is constantly growing and evolving in our fast-paced industry. It seems like every week, there’s something new and exciting that they have added to the software to make our lives just that much easier. We’ve tested out several different software companies, and 17hats was literally the best one for us.

So, with that said – here are the Top 5 Reasons that we absolutely love 17hats – although, we could probably list 100 reasons we love it!

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1.) It manages our contacts – including hot leads and cold prospects

Every time we get a wedding or session inquiry, we will put their information into our contacts list in 17hats and mark them as a “Hot Lead.” We will then send them a customized quote, and once they submit their quote, contract and pay their booking retainer – they automatically become “Clients” rather than just a Hot Lead. If the inquiring person never replies to us, or decides to move in a different direction – we have the choice of marking them as a “Cold Prospect” or deleting them entirely.

Note: 17hats is now offering a “Lead Capture” that integrates with websites, but we haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet! 

2.) It streamlines our workflow

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We want each of our clients to have amazing experiences with us. We want each of them to receive the same education, similar (but personalized) gifts, and we want to make sure things get done on time. This is where 17hats shines so bright for us – it has an amazing “Workflow” option where it will automatically send out emails, questionnaires and invoices(or you can send it to manually do it, too!). It can also include reminders for us – like schedule their engagement session or send them a gift in the mail.

Our workflow is constantly growing to include special emails – like advice on unplugged weddings, timeline samples or a reviews request after the wedding. Every time we write an Advice Blog, we consider adding it to our workflow so that our wedding couples benefit from hiring us more than just with their photos from their wedding day!

3.) We love how easy the “Quotes” system is

We offer a lot of options for our clients – from how many hours of coverage they need, to how many albums they want, and even additional sessions! Everything is easily customizable, so they can play around with the quote system to build the wedding package of their dreams (and fit it into their budget!). Once they submit their quote, 17hats automatically will transfer them to their contract and their booking retainer invoice!

4.) Payments made simple

One of the best parts of 17hats’ invoice system is that our clients can make payments at any time, in any increment. Weddings are expensive events, and it’s nice to be able to give our brides and grooms the freedom to pay a little here and there, as they can.

5.) Pay sales tax with ease

For those of you who live and work in California, you know how convoluted and confusing it can be to run a business here. 17hats will actually keep track of how much you receive in sales tax, so you know exactly how much to remit to the State. It also provides other important report types, like Profit and Loss statements!


And here’s a bonus reason:

6.) It’s really affordable!

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