Where did October go?

Oct 22

Where did October go?

Holy moly guys, I feel like I blinked and October disappeared. Where did October go?!

I’ll be honest here: I’m riding a fine line between “hustle momma” and “stop the glorification of busy” lately. In the last 3 weeks, I’ve flown to Georgia for a wedding, shot 8 sessions,  photographed an intimate wedding way up north here in Wisconsin, gone to half a dozen football games, worked on renovating my house, done daily farm life, had over 25 introductory phone conversations with potential 2022 and 2023 wedding couples … all while my mom is in town visiting for two weeks. Oh, and did I mention I have four kids, football practice four days a week, volleyball five days a week and 3 of the kids work part time jobs and I’m their sole personal limo service? And we’re only 3 weeks into October and my month is definitely far from over.

I also made time to go get my hair done, thank you baby Jesus. The grays were popping through, eek!

Ashley Durham

Send coffee. I need it, Internet friends.

I’m standing here at my kitchen counter at 6 in the morning quickly blogging this crazy life of mine, as the kids are whizzing around me getting ready for school and my fairy godmother of a mom is doing last night’s dishes because I straight up passed out asleep at 8pm yesterday.

I’m just feeling extra blessed this morning, crazy busy life and all.

My blog has been neglected the last 3 weeks because of life being crazy, but I’ve been posting like crazy over on Instagram – so make sure you’re hanging out with me there to keep in touch and see recent session peeks. I promise once things slow down in November and December, I’ll be catching up on all the glorious fall sessions and weddings I’ve been working on.