Where to Go Kayaking (And Why You Should Try It)

December 5, 2020

where to go kayaking

One of the things I am absolutely excited about living here in Wisconsin is getting to go kayaking. Noah and Sierra went last summer, and I was soooo jealous! It seems like such a good workout, and I love nothing more than being out on the water. Next summer I am definitely going kayaking!

where to go kayaking

If you’re tired of a busy daily life and living in an urban environment, there is nothing better than spending a couple of days in nature to relax. There are multiple outdoor activities you can enjoy alone, with your friends or your family. For those who are looking for something new and exciting, kayaking might be the perfect answer.

Kayaking just seems like a wonderful way to spend a sunny day out in the open, have fun, and see some stunning landscapes. So, if you’re considering taking a paddle for the first time, these are some of the things to take into consideration.

The Reasons to Go Kayaking

Based on the stories from the people who have been going on kayaking adventures for years, there are multiple advantages. As stated by the experts from, it’s one of the best ways to burn calories effectively. If you find working out in a gym boring, this could be a perfect type of exercise and a great strategy for those who want to lose weight. Certain studies have shown that one hour of this activity will make you get rid of 500 calories.

Another perk is that you’ll get to spend more time in nature. We are all living busy lives and our hectic daily routine can be quite stressful. When you sit in a kayak, you will be able to leave all your worries behind, at least for several hours. It’s a well-known fact that physical activity is an important factor in reducing stress levels. Combine it with striking natural scenery and you will get a perfect get-away.

Kayaking can be done in groups and it’s a great opportunity to have fun with your family members and friends and build stronger relationships with them. On the other hand, it can also be something you do on your own. A hobby like this can be an excellent way to clear your head and simply relax. Regardless of the type of kayaking you do, make sure to bring a waterproof camera with you so that you can capture all the beautiful memories and scenery.

Perfect Kayaking Spots

Although when we think of kayaking, most of us have the picture of going down the fast mountain river it is much more than that. You can do it on the lake, an ocean, or pretty much any available body of water. However, if you’re new to this sport, never go alone and avoid deep and powerful waters.

Here in Southeast Wisconsin, there are plenty of rivers and lakes to go visit, including Lake Geneva, Bohner Lake and Paddock Lake! We even watched some kayakers on the Milwaukee River during the last engagement/proposal session I ever photographed!

There are also amazing places all over the world that are worth exploring by paddling, which I might just have to check out one day.


This is a country of strange and wild beauty. Also, it’s a place with a long tradition of kayak traveling. So, you will have no problem renting a kayak and exploring the glorious shore. From icebergs to whales and seals, Greenland provides paddlers with a unique adventure that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.   


If you prefer a warmer climate then the Maldives could be the thing you’re searching for. Known for their crystal blue ocean and white sand beaches, the islands in this archipelago have long been favorite luxurious vacation spots for people all over the world. There are multiple resorts and they have made sure their guests have access to pretty much every water activity possible.

So, you could kayak on the warm and peaceful ocean water while soaking up the sun. Honestly, you will never get bored with the exquisite coastline and thrilling tropical atmosphere.

Lake Powell, USA

Located between Utah and Arizona, this is a man-made reservoir of water and a very popular touristic destination. Looking at the pictures of the Glen Canyon, it’s clear why millions of people visit it each year. The landscape seems almost alien when looked at from a bird’s-eye perspective and it’s quite breathtaking.

Due to the location’s big touristic potential, the recreation center was established by the United States National Park Services and this place is now known as a watersports mecca. The blue waters of Lake Powell are perfect for kayaking, among other activities, and you will have an exciting experience following numerous twists and turns.

Milford Sound Fjord, New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of immense and exotic splendor, a perfect place for those who like to spend time outside. Milford Sound is a famous fjord that legendary writer Kipling also called The Eight Wonder of The World. You can use kayaks to see its magnificent waterfalls while also enjoying the striking scenery surrounding it. 

Kayaking seems like a delightful and exhilarating experience wherever you decide to do it. From the cold Greenland shore to the tropic New Zealand atmosphere, one thing is certain – you will always be going back for more. 




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