May 6, 2015

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Why Wedding Hashtags Are #Awesome

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

Good morning and happy Wednesday, friends!

Why have a wedding hashtag

If y’all follow me on Insta or Facebook, you’ll see that I’ve become a hashtag dork in the last few months – I just love them. I think they can be so much fun! One of my favorite actors – The Rock – has some of the best hashtags ever; I love going through his Insta feed and cracking up at the stuff he posts. I love using hashtags as a way for people to find me (#PalmSpringsWeddingPhotographer anyone??) – and it’s definitely worked. So not only are they entertaining, they are a way for people to find what you’re sharing on social media.

So why should your wedding have its own hashtag??

Well, because let’s face it – everyone brings phones and cameras to weddings, even if it’s unplugged (like we recommended a couple weeks ago on this blog). What if there was this awesome way where your friends could post selfies and shots of your wedding (especially at the reception) and you could not only get your hundreds of pro shots from us, but also dozens of fun snapshots from your friends and family? THAT is why they are so awesome, because you totally can with wedding hashtags!

You can even make it part of your “wedding brand” like this wedding couple did. They had these little business cards with their unique wedding hashtag laid out all over the venue, in matching font and colors to their invitations, menus, meal time games, welcome to Palm Springs packets – absolutely everything was coordinated. Totally awesome!

Wedding Hashtags, Ways to have fun at your wedding

Or, another fun reason to have wedding hashtags is if you plan on having a Photo Booth, people can take photos with the fun props and post them on social media, showcasing how much fun they’re having! Not only that, the signage adds cute details to your wedding that are easy to make and friendly on the budget.

Wedding Hashtags, Ways to have fun at your wedding

My friends over at Wedding Wire have actually created a Hashtag Generator for anyone having trouble coming up with something clever. Definitely check to make sure no one has used your hashtag so far, and be sure to educate your guests BEFORE the wedding about your hashtag! You can even use the hashtag for social media shares of all the wedding prep (especially for DIYers), engagement parties, dress rehearsal and even the bachelor/bachelorette parties (#whathappensinvegas right?!). It’s just a fun (and free) way that your guests can be part of your wedding, and some of the photos tagged can be pretty priceless!

One final note about wedding hashtags – if you have one, let us know! When we post sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes fun, we love to make sure your guests can find the photos searching for your hashtag! 🙂

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