March 17, 2023


Boudoir Session at Home

at home boudoir session in bed woman gripping sheets
Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

hot pink lingerie for boudoir session

Let me just kick this blog off by saying this: Miss T absolutely ROCKED this session. When she initially booked me for this session, it was a surprise gift for her husband’s birthday. We did this whole boudoir session at home, and it wasn’t until I got there that I found out another surprise. Miss T is a *grandmother.* HOLY SMOKES, y’all. Never in a million years would I have guessed that, and all I have to say is her hubby is one lucky dude.

A lot of times I get boudoir clients who are nervous about having their boudoir session at home – but I actually really love it. Why? Because it’s private and personal, and it’s definitely memorable! Shooting in new, unknown locations can be kinda scary for photographers though; lighting, space, style and so many unknowns can cause a little pre-session panic.

But, I actually really enjoy the challenge because it gives me the push to be creative and not rely on the ‘same ol, same ol’ in terms of posing, lighting and styling. Miss T’s house was pretty dim because of course we shot on the cloudiest day EVER, but it actually made for some incredible shots I might not have been able to get, otherwise. As much as I love the consistency of shooting in a studio setting, I also really enjoy the challenge of new locations.

Boudoir Session at Home

boudoir pose with woman in chair facing away from camera boudoir pose with woman in chair facing away from camera black and white silhouette of boudoir woman in hallway boudoir photo showcasing wedding ring and white lingerie black and white boudoir photo of woman on bed with feet up on the wall boudoir photo showing off lower back tattoo at home boudoir session in bed woman gripping sheets at home boudoir session with woman running fingers through her hair woman posing for boudoir with butt up in the air boudoir photo of woman unhooking bra from behind boudoir photo with pink lacy bodysuit woman slowly taking down bra straps

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