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Family Session at Christ Church Frederica in St Simons

January 13, 2020

group photo of family standing

Last summer when we first moved here, Melissa sent me a message on Facebook after coming across my profile in the local military wife group for King’s Bay. Randy isn’t active duty anymore, but I still love to be part of the military community. Being involved is a great resource for making friends for me!

Anyway, Melissa invited me out to dinner, and we ended up talking for something like 6 hours! We closed the restaurant down and then stood in the parking lot for another hour. It was an instant friendship; she’s someone that I feel like my soul has known before in a past life, or something like that. I just love her and her whole family.

When her mom, Francine, asked me to take their extended family session at Christ Church Frederica up on St Simon Island, of course I had to do it! We got Melissa’s whole family together including her sister Allison and her niece. Melissa coordinated their outfits and had so much fun together exploring the grounds! Francine absolutely loved a previous session I had done there and despite living here in Camden County for several years had never actually seen it in person. It’s one of the coolest places and a beautiful spot for family photos, so we made the trek up there and it was amazing.

I am so thankful to Melissa for introducing me to her family and being the biggest welcome to life here in southeast Georgia!

An Extended Family Session at Christ Church Frederica

family session at christ church frederica in st simons

family standing together at christ church fredericka

grandparents kissing grandchild on her cheek

parents with adult children

children standing together

on left a family picture standing up and on right grandparents hugging

children in a group hug

grandparents hugging

family photo standing

on left the boys are hugging and on right girl is sitting on a tree

family wearing pink and blue for family photos

on left mother and daughter holding hands and on right mother and daughter looking into each others eyes

mother and two daughters hugging

on right husband and wife have one arm around each other and on the right a family photo with a pink and blue theme

on left grandchildren with grandmother and on right grandchildren showing lots of love to their grandmother

Father and sons standing together

on left grandfather gets lots of love from grandchildren and on right grandfather and grandchildren standing together

Mother and sons standing together

on left and right portraits of sons

close up portrait of son

youngest cousins standing together

Aunt and her nephews loving on her

big family photo in front of christ church fredericka

Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, and cousins all hugging each other

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