My Favorite Biotin Supplement (And Why I Take Biotin)

Nov 14

My Favorite Biotin Supplement (And Why I Take Biotin)

Taking a self timer selfie is NOT easy. 😂

But taking a delicious gummy that has helped my hair and nails repair, grow and get stronger IS really easy … especially when it’s Mary Ruth Organics goji berry biotin gummies!!

After my thyroid cancer battle earlier this year, and radiation treatment that helped me defeat cancer … my hair was awful. It was falling out in clumps, it lost all life, all shine, all body. And my nails? They were weaker than ever and wearing my Color Street saved them from extra damage. But the biotin gummies I’ve been enjoying every day? Those are helping heal from the inside out. 🙏

I am quickly becoming super obsessed with gummy vitamins.

I have always hated taking vitamins and supplements because swallowing pills always makes me super nauseas for some reason. With how many different probiotics and fiber and stuff that my GI doctor has me on, I have really started to be intentional with what I’m taking and more importantly: why I’m taking it.

Why I Started Taking A Biotin Supplement

Biotin (AKA vitamin B-7) is very helpful to grow healthy hair and nails, which is something I’ve struggled with over the years. Having super brittle hair and nails is a not-so-fun side effect of having thyroid issues, and my hair has thinned out so much over the last few years that I’ve been pretty desperate to get some thickness and health back into it.

My friends at Mary Ruth Organics makes an incredible line of gummy supplements (remember: I shared about how much I love their vitamin D gummies!), and guess what? Their vegan biotin gummy is AWESOME!

Why Do I Love Mary Ruth’s Vegan Biotin Supplement?

1.) They are delicious; they taste like goji berries!

2.) It’s got a hefty dose of biotin.

3.) It’s vegan – so it’s 100% free of animal biproducts.

4.) They’re easy on the tummy if you’re sensitive to vitamins and supplements like I am.

5.) They actually HELP.


Y’all also know how important it is for me to have healthy nails, because I am always showing off my new Color Street manicures. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely noticed a big positive change in my nail health over the last couple of years since I started solely using Color Street nails instead of gel polish or other destructive nail polishes. But with my thyroid disfunction/cancer/removal, I’ve seen some peeling issues and guess what? Now that I’m taking biotin, that problem has gone down so much.

👀 Scroll down to see some outtakes. I’m just glad the folks from Influencers in the Wild weren’t driving by! 😂

If you try this brand, let me know what you think!

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