Peyton | Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Mar 11

Peyton Jack | Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer


Meet sweet 5-day-old Peyton Jack! I was so excited when Heather and Brady – who got married last year – invited me to their home to do this lifestyle newborn session. I am not a newborn photographer by any means … I semi-stalk some amazing newborn photographers like Rachel Vanoven and Amy Cook, and so I definitely felt a bit inspired by them to do this session. Let me be the first to say that newborn sessions are the most difficult sessions in the entire world to do – there is definitely a reason I only do them for close friends and my brides and grooms! I think I got pooped and peed on more in the hour and a half I spent with Peyton than I have in the last 5 years … and I have four kids! That’s saying something! haha! 🙂

Heather and Brady are in the process of moving in the next few weeks, so Peyton’s nursery isn’t quite set up yet. We took advantage of their home though, and they had some amazing light in their living room that made this photographer very happy. Big brother Brody and big sister Teagan are just absolutely smitten with their little brother – very attentive and loving. I’m super excited to do their official new family photos in just a few weeks, once this whacky winter weather has gone for good! Enjoy! xoxo