Should Wedding Vendors Get a Hot Meal During the Reception?

January 12, 2022

indoor reception set up at lazy s hacienda

Wedding horror story time! 😱


One time at a super upscale wedding in Los Angeles, we were absolutely denied food by the caterers at the reception. Our couple had paid for us to eat what everyone else was being served, it’s in our contract that we get to take a meal break, and the wedding planner was fully aware, too.

When we finally got fed (nearly an hour after everyone else did) we had approximately 2 minutes to shovel food down before toasts were starting … AND to add insult to injury, we found out they had scooped our food out of TRASH BAGS and I had a dead COCKROACH on my plate.

You guys: this wedding was over $100k. And we were served a dead cockroach with our cold salmon and soggy veggies. 🤢 Our bride & groom were furious that we were so disrespected and the wedding planner was so embarrassed by the caterer she had recommended.

Y I K E S.

If you want to really take care of your vendors, especially after they’ve spent all day working hard for you …

Should Wedding Vendors Get a Hot Meal During the Reception?

INSIST that your vendors get fed the same meal at the same time as the wedding couple. Why? They’ll get hot food, they’ll get a chance to sit down and they won’t have to choose between a break and capturing important moments like toasts or special dances. Even better if your photographer gets a spot at one of the tables, so they don’t miss something when the DJ accidentally moves up the timeline without telling us!



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