January 18, 2022

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Soul Mates Aren’t Found They’re Made

Coffee date at Boxed and Burlap in Delavan Wisconsin
Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

Coffee date at Boxed and Burlap in Delavan Wisconsin

You know what the best part about working together is? Impromptu coffee dates at Boxed and Burlap 😍.

My new fave is a medium decaf oat milk mocha latte (half pumps for just a hint of chocolate goodness), and Randy gets a large iced oat milk caramel macchiato. He keeps the caffeine and full sugary goodness though! 😂

Even after twenty years together (!!) we still need to date and connect, just the two of us. With a thousand kids and work and the hobby farm and our 10 trillion animals 😝 it can be easy to overlook “us” … but let me tell you: DON’T DO IT, GIRRRRL.

Go out on dates.
Leave each other love notes.
Never pass up an opportunity to squeeze their booty.
Text them just to say hi.
Always say I love you when you have the chance.
Know their love language and speak it!

Just saying: soul mates aren’t found, they’re made. ❤️


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