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Ashley Durham in front of a white brick wall

Things I Hope Don’t Change After the Covid Pandemic is Over

October 7, 2020

Ashley Durham in front of a white brick wall

I think we can all agree that 2020 might be the worst year in recent history, second only to the last four months of 2001. In all my life, I can’t remember a time where so many people are just so angry and suffering from mental health breakdowns, all the time. And thanks to the proliferation of social media, people are voicing their opinions about anything and everything, screaming into the void. I’ve even deleted Facebook off of my phone and only log in once or twice a week on my big computer, because the incessant angry and fearful noise was having a profound effect on my anxiety. I’ll have to blog about that soon too, because it’s been a big change in my life. But that’s a different blog for a different day!

Things I Hope Don’t Change After the Covid Pandemic is Over

This year has really brought out the best and worst in people with the coronavirus scare. While there are so many things that I hope we’ll never experience again (hello, mask mandate, social distancing and virtual learning!) there are actually a few things that I hope don’t change after the pandemic is over. It’s brought about some long-needed changes to the workforce, family and life in general.

I could joke around about what I hope won’t change and say something like “everyone staying six feet apart” or people not sneezing on each other and washing their hands more often. But honestly, Covid isn’t a joke and while I normally try to find humor in things – especially the hard times – I actually have learned to appreciate some things about this experience. 

So let’s chat about these positive things that I’m praying won’t change after the covid pandemic is over!

Giving workers and students time off when they are sick.

This is, first and foremost, what I hope will not change after the Covid pandemic is over. I can’t even begin to discuss how many times I’ve seen people go into work sick because their employers didn’t care, even during flu season. My family has caught the flu from people at Randy’s work coming in because they couldn’t take time off. Schools haven’t much better in the past with the truancy threats when children stay home sick.

On a related note, employers this year have certainly been more understanding about parents needing to stay home with sick or quarantined family members. This needs to continue moving forward, wouldn’t you agree? Speaking of which …

More focus on the family.

Since the virus scare began this spring, one thing I have noticed is that there is much more focus on family. Spending more time together, valuing the time spent with extended family and friends when safely possible and making a point to reach out to people to check in.

From a business standpoint, I have absolutely loved seeing businesses caring about more than the fiscal bottom line. Seeing businesses planning to be closed for the upcoming holidays is the best news I’ve heard all year, short of me getting my “I’m cancer free” news in April. I might be totally biased because not only is Thanksgiving my favorite holiday, but my husband works in retail. He has never been home for Thanksgiving since he was in the military, which is NUTS because of you know anything about military life, having them home for the holidays is nothing short of a miracle.

I truly hope that businesses continue to keep their doors closed and families at home during holidays in future years.

More Work at Home Opportunities

With more focus on the family and giving people time off for being sick or in quarantine this year, the best thing I’ve seen come out of it is more work at home opportunities. While it’s certainly not an option for every business or career, unfortunately, it is an option for many and I’ve loved seeing that change. I don’t even mind when I am on a call and I can hear kids or dogs in the background. I know that might bother some people, but, for me it adds to the experience. It makes me appreciate the company or business I am talking with that much more, because to me it shows that they actually care about their employees.

More Support for Local Businesses

I’ll never forget this spring when there were campaigns to save small local businesses. People were making a point to order take out from their favorite local restaurants, they were buying gift cards and doing all kinds of amazing things to save small business. Even when they themselves were struggling and surviving on our single stimulus check and worried about their own small businesses and bills, people made it a point to still support others. 


Ashley Durham is a lifestyle blogger, always oversharing about life as a mom and wife, mental and physical health, and whatever else happens in life. 



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