A Love Letter to Randy on His Birthday

Feb 19

A Love Letter to Randy on His Birthday

Dear Randy,

Today, we are celebrating your birthday.

This weekend, we aren’t going to answer calls, emails or texts.

We’re going to go to Universal Studios today since you’ve never been, and then we’re spending the weekend around the house – maybe finishing the bathroom tile (hint hint hint), eating the cheesecake you love that I’ve made for you, BBQing with family and maybe picking up Star Wars on Blu-Ray since you’ve finally watched the first three episodes (and liked it).

I’m going to let you sleep in. You’re going to wake up early anyway, because over the years you’ve come to realize being awake before the sun starts to come up is way more awesome than sleeping half the day away (or, at least, that’s what we’ll tell ourselves).

I’m going to make you our spinach/kale/banana/coconut water juice for breakfast, and you’ll drink it because you love me even though you would never in a million years drink something like that on your own.

I’m going to make you coffee. You’ll let me have the last cup because you love me.

I’m going to surprise you with your birthday present that I’ve been saving up for. You’re going to love it.

I’m going to look at you when you’re not looking, and fall more in love with you.

I’m so grateful for you, each and every day … and I’m so excited to celebrate your birthday with you this weekend!!!

Happy birthday!!!



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Photo by Katie McGihon