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Jun 11

In March I had major life changing surgery, here are some things I wish I had known before my total thyroidectomy.


riot is the language of the unheard

Jun 3

My thoughts on the black lives matter movement: I am here, and I am listening. ✊🖤


eleanor roosevelt quote about the future

May 30

Today, I was supposed to be walking across the stage to receive my Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Colorado State University; instead, it’s become the most anticlimactic graduation I could have ever imagined. I was supposed to be nervously sitting with my fellow graduates. I was supposed to wear the cap and gown. My mom […]


wisconsin family photographer

May 26

If you follow my business account on Instagram, you saw my big announcement last night … but in case you didn’t, here it is: I’m now booking family photography sessions in Wisconsin! Y’all might remember that a few months ago, I walked away from wedding photography, and I totally am standing by that decision. Everything […]


family in front of wisconsin sign

May 18

Boy what a freaking adventure. To say the least, the last few days have been super stressful. Moving is never easy and it’s never without it’s ups and downs. I’ve got more experience than most when it comes to uprooting myself and my family. As a recap: this was our 12th move together in 17 […]


virtual bff

May 4

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you probably know these facts about me: 1.) I love to write. I LOVE to blog, to journal, to make lists, to tell stories and any other kind of writing. 2.) I love to help others grow their business. 3.) I recently retired from professional photography […]


Our Wisconsin Farm

May 1

What. A. Freaking. Week. Actually, what a freaking few weeks, but I digress. This blog is going to be semi-short and super-sweet. I had to go out and buy a new temporary laptop because my “vintage” 2013 MacBook Pro up and died, and with my ghost writing side gig I had to get shiz going […]