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woman sitting outside a restuarant

Apr 1

For a long time, I have felt uncertain about my place in the world and especially in the wedding and photography industries. Last year, during one of the most heartbreaking and stressful times in my life, I had an eye-opening experience that literally made me question whether I even wanted to be a professional photographer […]


trappers lake lodge wedding

Mar 20

This is a crazy time, not just for the wedding industry (obviously), but for the entire world. Many of my engaged friends and couples are talking about COVID-19 and weddings, and they want to know what their rights are as a wedding couple. You’ve likely seen me sharing about how this craziness is effecting me […]


covid19 bankrupting small business

Mar 15

I’m still not back to work from my forced time off as I recover from my total thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer, so I’m basically just gonna copy and paste my Facebook status this morning here on my blog. I’m getting tons of emails and figured this would be the best way to combat worries […]


Maroon Bells engagement session

Mar 9

I’m writing this blog at 12:30 in the morning. That should give you some insight into just how I am feeling. Old friends will know this, but new friends may not: I am not a night person. Unless I’m at a wedding, I’m not one stay up past 9 most nights. But the last few […]


we are building a wedding venue here

Mar 3

This is it, you guys. This is the big part 2 announcement that I’ve been teasing about for weeks!! We Are Building a Farm in Colorado Springs I can almost hardly believe that this is finally coming true. Why We Decided to Build A Farm The truth is, this isn’t some crazy new idea we […]


Mar 1

With everything going on my life over the last 18 months, my body has gone through the ringer. When you have thyroid issues, it effects your skin, hair and nails; suddenly I found myself with peely nails, ultra dry skin, and my hair was falling out by the fistful. It was really terrible. A couple […]


family photos at the horton house ruins

Feb 26

Sunrise is early, even for us adults. But to get kiddos up, dressed, fed and happy that early? It’s nothing short of a miracle and yet Quinn and Catherine made it look super easy with their two boys, Niels and Peter. We met up for their family session on Jekyll Island in January just a […]